Thursday, 8 September 2011

Moving on...

Been a while since I updated the blog, anyway a few months ago I finally decide to sell the Elise. I had it for 6 great years but I finally decided to get something a little more sensible. It sailed off to sunny Yorkshire a few weeks ago to start competing in hillclimbs, sprints and the like.

Sad to see if go but its been replaced with something only slightly more practical. Twice the weight means it needs twice the power (240bhp) but has waay more than twice the luxury:

Its a very different beast to the Elise, you can feel the extra weight and have to rev the nuts off it to get fast acceleration but its so much quieter, comfier, warmer, less wet, practical, easier to take the roof down.. I could go on.

In any case, I'm still getting used to it and I'm sure it'll take a while to get used to not having the Elise but it was a good choice.

To track or not to track; that is the question...

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