Friday, 6 March 2009

100000 miles and still going strong

Yep, sometime last week the Elise ticked over 100k miles. Seems hard to believe really - its in better condition now than what it was when I bought it 30k miles ago!

Excluding things like insurance and upgrades its cost approx £4k to run over approx 3.5 years....not bad really considering its not really designed to be an 'everyday' car. The 'real' figure, however, the one which includes pretty much everything is currently sitting at £9,784. It sounds a lot but over the course of 3 years its only depreciated £2k or £3k...including depriciation its probably a more finanically sensible car than your average BMW. much longer to keep it? I'm not sure, there's very few cars available in the same price range which offer the same performance and economy as the Elise. I'll probably keep it for at least another would be a crime not to really ":-D"