Thursday, 19 February 2009

2009 MOT

Yep, its that time of year again. A surprisingly wallet-friendly MOT this year - just a new set of front tyres ":-D"

Since it was so cheap I got a few other things done at the same time:

- That fecking heatshield that has been rattling for nearly 3 years has now been fixed (hopefully!)
- Camber changed on the front wheels so the new set of tyres dont wear the same as the last ones - loads of tread left on the outside but the inside was nearly bald!
- More adjustments to the windows to make the hard top water tight (yep - I bought a hard top!)

Anyway - the hardtop. I got it for a good price off the SELOC classifieds. Its black and looks fairly good (see pic below), its not an official Lotus one and does have a few niggles which I need to fix. Firstly, the seals are a bit raggy around the edges. Worst case scenario for this will be to get some replacement seals but hopefully a tidy up will do the job. Theres also a minor crack in the gelcoat on one of the tails but it's barely noticeable against the black. The only real thing i need to do is get it to fit properly, I think I need a few more washers to get it perfect.

Its already on the car and has made it quite a bit warmer and quieter on the motorway. I'll do some minor fettering over the weekend.


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