Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Electrical Gremlins

The Elise is having a bit of a bad start to the winter. About 2 weeks ago the rain got into the plugs so I replaced most of the ignition system:

- Distributor cap
- Rotor arm
- Spark Plugs
- HT Leads

Today the battery has gone flat. The AA came out and confirmed that the battery is past its best and needs replacing...but it's covered under the P&L warranty ":-D"

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Winters here...

Well the hardtop is on so its officially winter ":-("

No other news really, car's running well and due for MOT and a service in the new year.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Insurance time

Firstly the MMC disks are now sold..in a record time of about 4 hours thanks to the SELOC classifieds.

Anyway - its that great time of year when the car insurance is due for renewal. A-plan have been very competitive until this year but Chris Knott managed to shave another £30 off their price. Insurance total this year - £429. Bargain.

Hopefully the weather holds out a little longer before its time to get the hardtop out.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bye bye MMCs!

Nothing too major but I had some vibration when using the brakes last week. I was bored so called the AA to take a look - it turns out I'd killed one of the rear pads and it was starting to rub the disc.

Anyway - since I had MMC discs on the rear I thought it easier to change the rear discs and pads. £160 to Eliseparts for new steel discs and greenstuff pads, £100 to a local garage to fit them and all is well again.

I've got the old MMCs up for sale on SELOC since its not that badly scored and theyre a bit hard to come by so I might get a few quid back.

Not long before its time to get the hardtop out again for winter ":-("

Friday, 17 July 2009

Broken and Fixed - alternator

After months of trouble-free motoring the car decided to have a bad week...firstly a screw in a rear tyre which required some new rubber and now yesterday the alternator light came on on the dash. The chaps at the AA took the car to a local garage to get it fixed. Picked up today and all is well again.

The AA parts and labour has paid for itself again ":-D"

Thursday, 9 April 2009


One of the guys in the office has a G-meter thing that allows you to accurately measure your 0-60 time...so I gave it a go!

According to Lotus, who are famed for being a bit on the generous side when it comes to 0-60 times, say the original S1 would do 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. But what about mine? After 12 years and 100,000 miles some of those horses would have gone a bit lame.

Anyway, with a dry (private) road, around 15ltrs of fuel and a slightly nervous passenger I gave the Elise a full blown standing start, something I havent really done before. 4k revs, dump the clutch...and the Elise screams for traction but accelerates rapidly down the road. It feels quick but the clutch doesnt really appreciate that many revs and gives off a bit of a whiff. 6.7 seconds. Bugger, not what I was hoping for.

After giving the car 15 minutes to let the clutch cool down I gave it another blast with less revs. Much more like it... 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. With a few more runs and one less passenger I'm pretty sure I could get it down a few more tenths but I'm happy with the result.

Friday, 6 March 2009

100000 miles and still going strong

Yep, sometime last week the Elise ticked over 100k miles. Seems hard to believe really - its in better condition now than what it was when I bought it 30k miles ago!

Excluding things like insurance and upgrades its cost approx £4k to run over approx 3.5 years....not bad really considering its not really designed to be an 'everyday' car. The 'real' figure, however, the one which includes pretty much everything is currently sitting at £9,784. It sounds a lot but over the course of 3 years its only depreciated £2k or £3k...including depriciation its probably a more finanically sensible car than your average BMW.

So...how much longer to keep it? I'm not sure, there's very few cars available in the same price range which offer the same performance and economy as the Elise. I'll probably keep it for at least another summer...it would be a crime not to really ":-D"

Thursday, 19 February 2009

2009 MOT

Yep, its that time of year again. A surprisingly wallet-friendly MOT this year - just a new set of front tyres ":-D"

Since it was so cheap I got a few other things done at the same time:

- That fecking heatshield that has been rattling for nearly 3 years has now been fixed (hopefully!)
- Camber changed on the front wheels so the new set of tyres dont wear the same as the last ones - loads of tread left on the outside but the inside was nearly bald!
- More adjustments to the windows to make the hard top water tight (yep - I bought a hard top!)

Anyway - the hardtop. I got it for a good price off the SELOC classifieds. Its black and looks fairly good (see pic below), its not an official Lotus one and does have a few niggles which I need to fix. Firstly, the seals are a bit raggy around the edges. Worst case scenario for this will be to get some replacement seals but hopefully a tidy up will do the job. Theres also a minor crack in the gelcoat on one of the tails but it's barely noticeable against the black. The only real thing i need to do is get it to fit properly, I think I need a few more washers to get it perfect.

Its already on the car and has made it quite a bit warmer and quieter on the motorway. I'll do some minor fettering over the weekend.