Friday, 29 August 2008

Still going strong...ish

Its been a while since I've updated the blog so I thought I should mention whats been happening with the Elise over the last few months.

I had a minor problem with the alarm - it would randomly go off without reason. Luckily my new favourite mechanic (Andy at Quantum Mechanics) took a look and found a loose connection! All firmly connected now and working properly ":-D"

Now the slightly less good news - I got stuck in some very heavy traffic and managed to overheat the engine. The cars still with Andy at the moment but it looks like its just the gasket on the inlet manifold. The head gasket seems intact and the engine is running fine. Hopefully get it back on the weekend ":-D"

Aside from the 2 bits above the Elise has been absolutely faultless in the last 6 months, its happily clocked over 96k miles on the original engine and its as quick as ever....but I want it to go faster. Im starting to think about how to get some more bhp out of it. In an ideal world (where money is now object) then I'd quite happily throw an Audi/Honda engine in the boot but they're a bit steep - circa £10k at the moment.

Thinking about some lairy cams and a dirty head polish...hmmmm.