Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dicky Headlights

Only a minor problem but the relay that controls the headlights decided to play up last week. The lights would turn on but not off. Unfortunately, none of my local garages could source the replacement relay but the guys at eliseparts came up trumps...


2 minutes to fit and all is well again ":-D"

Friday, 21 November 2008


May as well put an update online... the cars back on the road after my breakdown. Luckily only the gasket on the inlet manifold gave in which was replaced quite cheaply. The reason it overheated in the first place was the cooling has seized. A few days in the garage and a new (uprated) fan has been fitted...and the AA are footing the bill ":-D"

Also had the hinge bushed replaced whilst the clam was off to stop the drivers door closing on its own. Heatshield was also fixed again...for about 2 days. I think im gonna have to give in on this one and replace the heatshield, its been hacked and riveted back together so many times and the rattle wont go away!

And winter draws closer...another few months of misery before I can take the roof off again.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Still going strong...ish

Its been a while since I've updated the blog so I thought I should mention whats been happening with the Elise over the last few months.

I had a minor problem with the alarm - it would randomly go off without reason. Luckily my new favourite mechanic (Andy at Quantum Mechanics) took a look and found a loose connection! All firmly connected now and working properly ":-D"

Now the slightly less good news - I got stuck in some very heavy traffic and managed to overheat the engine. The cars still with Andy at the moment but it looks like its just the gasket on the inlet manifold. The head gasket seems intact and the engine is running fine. Hopefully get it back on the weekend ":-D"

Aside from the 2 bits above the Elise has been absolutely faultless in the last 6 months, its happily clocked over 96k miles on the original engine and its as quick as ever....but I want it to go faster. Im starting to think about how to get some more bhp out of it. In an ideal world (where money is now object) then I'd quite happily throw an Audi/Honda engine in the boot but they're a bit steep - circa £10k at the moment.

Thinking about some lairy cams and a dirty head polish...hmmmm.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

MOT Time again

The Elise has been pretty reliable for the past few months (touch wood!) but it failed the MOT on a few bits and bobs...

ball joint
steering arm
front pads
leaky damper
drop link on arb
reg plate

I decided to get the whole lot done along with a few upgrades. Its come back from the garage with...

Fresh MOT and 'A' service (although I will still need to change the oil shortly)
Fit the CAT i bought a few months ago (decided to leave it on too)
Fit the S2 suspension bought a few months ago (car now about 20mm lower)
Stainless steel braided clutch hose (yay, no more red clutch syndrome!)
Steering rack fully reconditioned
RH ARB drop link
New EBC pads
New undertray fittings
Bonnet hinge re-threaded (thanks to the bodyshop who stripped them when it had the new clam!)
New front plate for MOT time (its going in the shed till next year!)
Fresh tracking for the new suspension (might need a geo soon i think)

Its driving much firmer now so doesnt bounce as much over rough surfaces. The steering is loads better, the rack must of really needed a refurb.

Only probs at the moment are..

Spongy brakes (should be ok when theyve worn in)
Minor understeer and a bit 'floaty' at speed, could need a geo or could be me not used to the new suspension
Bloody exhaust heatshield bracket is rattling again!!
New cant rail gasket needed to stop the softtop squeaking
Heater knob thing needs adjusting.
Fit locking nuts (forgot again!)

Anyway, cant wait for the summer ":-D"