Saturday, 21 July 2007

Split clam...bollocks.

Not having a good day today. Waiting at traffic lights...THUD! Get out of the car, inspect rear clam and stare at the vacant face sat behind the wheel of a Discovery..

"Did I just hit you?"
No, my car lurches forward making that noise all the time, you fucking retard!
"Yes you hit me. Pull over."

Pull over and she said
"I couldnt of hit you, I had the handbrake on."
"What, like right now..." pointing at the disco gently rolling down the hill.
"Oh yeah"

How hard is it to not move when the car in front is stood still!!! How these people manage to pass a driving test is beyond me. Anyway, damage doesn't look too bad at the moment, a crack with a load of spider marks tearing away from it....


Already contacted insurance companies and need to get an estimate. Dont think it needs a new clam, probably just a bit of GRP repair and a lick of paint.


Thursday, 19 July 2007


Since the guy I bought the car off did not supply me a CAT (dick!) I've had to borrow one each year for the MOT. I came across a tidy second hand one for £50 so have bought that ready for the next MOT.

Still finding out about fitting the S2 suspension, looks like I'll need a bracket of some sort. Im gonna try to fit it biggest DIY job yet. More on that to follow.

Problem at the moment is the dreaded red clutch hose syndrome, in warm weather or after some heavy use, the clutch host expands slightly which causes changing gear to be sometimes near impossible. The replacement steel hose is about £60 and it can be a bugger to fit. Not sure what Im gonna do about this yet, might get a garage to do the work for me.

On a more positive note, I have adjusted the front bonnet so the panel gaps are now even ":-D"