Friday, 30 March 2007

My ears are bleeding!

OK, my ears aren't really bleeding but the noise off the Elise has got a bit excessive recently. Sounds like I have a leak in the exhaust somewhere. I haven't had a chance to take a proper look yet but I'm pretty sure the downpipes dead again. I stuck a spare one on from when I had the MGF which has probably been sat in the shed for longer than it should have.

Its probably time to replace it with a new one. I've had around 6 months free out of the old spare part so its not all bad. I'm hoping to take a look at it Sunday to confirm its the downpipe but I'm assuming it has developed a hole/leak.

What to do...I can either stick another downpipe on it (cheapish) or maybe fork out a bit more and make an upgrade out of it. I'm thinking a 4-2-1 manifold and associated downpipe. If I buy the parts new it would be quite expensive but I might just patch the old one until I find a decent 2nd hand 4-2-1 and downpipe...should get a bit more low-end toque that way.

hmmm, decisions, decisions. I'll think more about it when I get the undertray off and see what's wrong and assess my cash flow.

On another note, it looks like I might be getting a new job with an increased commute...then we'll see how good an S1 Elise really is as an everyday motor. Worse case scenario I can either get an everyday motorway hack in addition to the S1 or, more likely, spend more cash on this (or a newer) Lotus.

Minor update - my boat is now SOLD ":-D"

Friday, 16 March 2007

FOR SALE: My boat

The time has finally come to sell my boat. I bought it a year or so ago with dreams of using it as a small fishing boat and for occasional hooning but bought the Elise instead. No second car so no chance of towing it anywhere. Its been sat in my mums parking bay for about a year and shes nagging me to get rid of it so first sensible offer secures. Could also be interested in a p/x for bits for an S1 Elise. Let me know what you have to offer.

Hull is in good condition, no cracks/holes or anything. Has leathers seats and a steering wheel but the inside is a bit tatty - a lick of paint would sort most of it. No motor supplied but these are pretty easy to source. Also included is the trailer, again in good condition.



The RAC guy came out yesterday and sorted my windscreen out. The rubber surround has been siliconed in and the rear view mirror has been re-attached. All free of charge, under warranty ":-D"

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Nice and shiney!

Finally got around to giving the car a wash and took some pictures which can be viewed in the gallery.




Friday, 9 March 2007

Back again!

Looks like the server wasn't in a good way so the sites been offline for the past few weeks whilst being re-built.

Anyway, Lotus news - I have done a DIY A service and changed the oil and filter. Surprisingly easy with no major dramas. I even managed to re-fix my rattling heatshield (the nut came loose). Here's my current 'to-do' list...

- Full geo (next week hopefully)
- Re-fit drivers seat (its a bit squeaky, think somethings come loose)
- Full wash and maybe wax (got some free cleaning stuff on the way ":-D")
- Adjust front access panel (uneven panel gap)
- Cut some new wheel arch covers (old ones are getting a bit tatty now)
- Adjust windows (still leaking slightly!)
- Windscreen seal and mirror (see below)

I'm also thinking about getting a re-spray, especially the front clamshell. There's some cracks in the gel coat that kinda spoil it close up. I've been quoted ~£400 from Horizon but I think I can get it cheaper locally. It's not really a major problem but it bothers me.

The other minor thing that happened recently was the rear view mirror - it's fallen off! This along with the rubber windscreen surround has pointed me to the RAC windscreen people. My screen was replaced last year so I don't think they stuck it all back to get tidily. I checked the invoice and all work is guaranteed for 3 years (including seals and leaks) so I have called them this week to sort something out, theyre supposed to be getting back to me. No doubt I'll have to chase them next week.

The financial ombudsman has come back to me saying that can't investigate my starter-motor complaint with the AA, there's some exclusion to the law with regards to breakdown warranties. I right pain in the arse, the only place left to go is the Citizens Advice Bureau. I might make an appointment to see them but I'm starting to lose hope, I might aswell forget about getting the cash back by the looks of it. My renewal also came through this week and I managed to get a discount. They had a different price on their website to the one for renewal, all sorted in a quick phone call.

Although they were a bunch of dicks when it came to the starter motor bill, the service has more than paid for itself (new rad, new coolant pipes etc) so I think it's good idea to re-new. There's also the fact that they will only take on cars less than 10 years old. Mine turned 10 at the end of last year so if I didn't renew then I would never be able to put the car back under warranty with them. I'm sure I'll get my money's worth in the end.

Summers on the way and I've got an itch for a trackday that's begging to be scratched ";-)"