Sunday, 4 February 2007

MOT Failed

The Elise went in for its MOT on Friday and failed ":-("

Not really anything major, it failed on 3 parts -

- Window washers not squirting any water
- Exhaust emissions massively over on HC and CO2
- Worn Track Rod End

The washer bottle was empty so that explains the first one, the emissions test failed because the car wasn't up to temperature (tested it after 30 mins of hard driving and it should pass). The final point, the track rod end was a little unexpected but does explain the amount of understeer I've had recently. Not an expensive item to replace either - £15 parts and about the same in labour. The only downside is that by replacing the TRE it will put the geometry out so I need to get a new geo done shortly. Apparently theres a place in Blackwood that does a tidy geo. Need to find out the best settings now, I have the settings for a "Waspy" and the standard geo but not sure if thats the best one to use. Ideally I need to find out Horizon's geo settings since I'm used to the associated handling characteristics but I'm pretty sure this is a bit of a 'trade secret'. I've emailed them on the off chance anyway.

The 'A' service is also due so I'm gonna do it myself, already bought the new oil and filter and plan to change it sometime next week.

I'm also attending my first trackday at Llandow on Saturday. I'm not quite brave enough to drive but thought it would be a nice day out and I should be able to blag a few passenger laps to see what the fuss is about. Need to clean the car first, I'm almost ashamed how dirty it is - the salty winter roads have taken their toll.

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