Friday, 16 February 2007

Back online with a new MOT

Due to 'technical difficulties' the sites been offline for the past week or so - basically the CPU fan died on the server ":-("

Anyway, good news, the Elise has a fresh MOT certificate. The TRE was replaced but it knocked the tracking out quite a bit. I've had the tracking re-done but it ideally needs a fresh geo so I'll book it in with the mototec people in Blackwood when I get chance. It passed the emissions test once the CAT had chance to warm up which was a relief.

I've also bought the oil and filter ready for when it stops raining long enough for me to do the A service, I've gone for Carlube 5w-40 so it should be better for engine warm up times. There's also a special Mann filter from eliseparts that has a magnet in it to trap any metal particles in the oil so that's another minor improvement.

Sadly the trackday on Sunday was canceled due to heavy snow...

"" ""

Probably for the best really, I wouldn't want to hoon around an icy track!

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