Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Washer Mod

Ive been having a few problems with the screen washers recently, they're a bit crap and water tends to dribble out of them instead of squirting. There's a simple mod that some Elise owners have done that involves fitting a Peugeot spray bar to the wiper arm. Full details here. I nipped to my local Peugeot dealer today and fitted it this afternoon. Very simple, the hardest part was removing one of the jets to run the tube through the hole. Much better now ":-D"

Its also MOT and service time again. Its only due an 'A' service which basically consists of replacing the oil and giving it a good once over to make sure nothing's gonna fall off. Seems a bit pointless going all the way to Horizon to get this done so I'm waiting for a price off Westtek. My only problem will be the MOT - I don't have a CAT to do the emissions test. I'll see if I can borrow one as they're quite expensive to buy.

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