Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Roof fitted

My new roof has arrived and is now fitted to the car. Doesn't seem to have made much difference to the leaks, water is still pissing in ":-(". I think some new seals and possibly cant rail rubbers my be in order. Anyway, whilst I have a spare roof I may aswell send my original roof back to Lotus for a refurb and sell the spare once its back. I'll probably end up keeping the original roof since its a bit easier to fit than the replacement - its probably been stretched over time.

Lotus have quoted £41.14 for the refurb but Im still waiting to find out if I have to go through the dealer, fingers crossed I will be able to post it directly to Hethel and avoid having to deal with Stratstone.

On another note, my touch up paint a wheel nuts have arrived from eliseparts, just need to wait for a dry day before fitting them.

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