Friday, 26 January 2007

MOT and Service

The Elise is booked into a local garage to get a new MOT and an A service. I have contacted an oil guru to see if I can get a thinner oil so it warms up more quickly (I mainly do short trips) and have been recommended a decent 5W-40. I'll pop down Halfrauds or a local motor factors to get it. I have also arranged to borrow a CAT for a few days to get through the MOT emissions test. I also need to get hold of a new washer for the sump, an oil filter (Mann W719/15 is supposed to be the best) and some gaskets for the CAT. Most of it should be available at a local motorfactors or the ex-Rover dealer.

The internal heaters are also getting on my nerves, they're not as hot as they should be. I think I'll take the plunge and sort it myself, the Lotus service notes imply its not a difficult job so I'm gonna get my hands dirty.

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