Saturday, 9 December 2006

Winter Jobs

Its fair to say that winter has arrived, its barely stopped raining all week and my arse gets wet every time I drive the Elise. Its better than it was last year but there's still a few things that I could do to make the Elise a bit more winter-friendly.

There's a good few ideas here that I'm gonna try.

My biggest problems are the condensation on the windscreen and the leaky A-pillars.

Stuff to do:

-Treat the soft top with some hood waterproofer
-Adjust windows
-Do some DIY repairs to the corner of the soft top - its fraying a little.
-Clean inside of windscreen and treat with fog-x or rain-x
-Get some "moisture mates" (little box of crystals that absorb moisture)

The hand-held heater thing has helped a little but the install is a bit messy - might see if i can tidy it up a bit. Another fluke upgrade though - the new seats have removable pads (the cusiony bits) that can easily be brought into the house and allowed to dry on a radiator ":-)"

Oh yeah - I've now had the Elise for just over a year!


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