Thursday, 21 December 2006

Tomorrow never comes

If all goes according to plan I should have the Elise back tomorrow, still dont know the final bill. Im seriously beginning to think about selling up, this car has cost nearly £3500 in maintence/repairs (not upgrades) in the last year. If you include stuff like insurance, upgrades and misc bits and bobs its gonna be over £6k by the end of tomorrow. Thats a lot of cash. I really love the car but its starting to murder my bank balance, I need to sit down and think about either selling up or maybe getting another car and keeping the Elise for 'Sunday best'. Only trouble then is keeping the car somewhere safe when its not in use and having to pay for tax/insurance/maintenance on another motor. Or, more likely, throwing more money at the Elise and get her in mint condition ":-)"

Bloody addictive things, these little Elises. Argh!

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