Saturday, 16 December 2006

Bugger...Radiator Dead


The temperature in the Elise has been a bit higher than normal the last few days, it got up to 100 yesterday on the way home from work along with a slight whiff of coolant in the cabin. A quick check under the front service compartment and a steady jet of water can be seen from the radiator. A call to the AA and a patrolman comes out and drops some "K Seal" into the coolant system. After about an hour (!!) the radiator leak finally stops and the AA guy is on his way. He's pretty sure the cost of a replacement radiator will be picked up by the Parts and Labour cover but I'll need to call them on Monday to be sure. I have checked the AA T&Cs and the coolant system is covered so I don't expect any problems.

Not yet had an official quote off Horizon but one of the other MLOC members had his replaced recently with an uprated aluminium radiator for just shy of £500. If this is accurate then that's pretty good, all it should cost me is the £25 excess. It's a pretty big job as the front clam has to be removed so I might get a few other niggles sorted at the same time...

- New nose badge (current one has a stone chip)
- New door pins (drivers door wont stay open on its own)

Should know what's happening Monday when I can speak to the AA and Horizon. Hopefully I can get it done before Christmas.

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