Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The AA are a bunch of useless c****!

Why isn't anything simple when it comes to the AA? I'm utterly pissed off with them at the moment. The claim from earlier this year (the starter motor replacement) is under investigation by the Financial Ombudsman and now they're starting to be awkward about the radiator!

They said that before they could authorise the work I would need to get the garage to confirm the fault (even though the patrolman has told them). I am somewhat disillusioned by their policies so didn't fancy driving to Birmingham only to be told that they're not paying so asked if I could get a local garage to diagnose the problem before going to Horizon to get it fixed. They didn't have too much of a problem with this so a local garage made an inspection and confirmed that the radiator had a hole in it. Great I thought, I'm booked into Horizon Wednesday so it should all be sorted this week. Not that easy - the AA say that Horizon is too far away (90 miles) to drive the car, as usual the complete opposite to what the patrol told me. They say the car needs to be fixed locally or trailered to Horizon. If I drive the car to Horizon (and they will check the mileage) then they won't pay up. Dicks. There are no Lotus specialists in the area apart from Stratstone who are now charging £97+VAT per hour. If it were a simple job then I wouldn't mind a local garge doing the work but changing the rad involves removing the front clamshell.

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