Friday, 29 December 2006

Minor bits

One thing I forgot to mention was that when I had my tyres replaced the locking wheel nut tool was damaged. Luckily horizon managed to get them off but the nuts are knackered. Ordered some uprated ones from eliseparts along with some touch up paint.


Just waiting for it all to be delivered now.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

New rad done

Picked the Elise up from Horizon yesterday complete with new front radiator. If anyone wants the old rad make me a sensible offer and its yours! Its not leaking and the K seal stuff is a permanent fix.

Anyway, the bill was a bit steep. The rad change cost £471.06 and the extra labour and fiberglass to remove and fix the clamshell was an additional £195.05 . Fortunately, the AA are covering the cost of the new rad but I'll be paying the rest. I have done some digging and the odd clam appears to be because of the age of the car. Anyway, there's new bolts and fittings so removal in the future shouldn't be too much of a problem

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Tomorrow never comes

If all goes according to plan I should have the Elise back tomorrow, still dont know the final bill. Im seriously beginning to think about selling up, this car has cost nearly £3500 in maintence/repairs (not upgrades) in the last year. If you include stuff like insurance, upgrades and misc bits and bobs its gonna be over £6k by the end of tomorrow. Thats a lot of cash. I really love the car but its starting to murder my bank balance, I need to sit down and think about either selling up or maybe getting another car and keeping the Elise for 'Sunday best'. Only trouble then is keeping the car somewhere safe when its not in use and having to pay for tax/insurance/maintenance on another motor. Or, more likely, throwing more money at the Elise and get her in mint condition ":-)"

Bloody addictive things, these little Elises. Argh!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006


The Elise has arrived at Horizon and the AA have agreed to pay...but there's bad news. Apparently my car has a different clam to most other Elises (probably because its such an early model) and it's proving to be an bitch to remove. Not only are the fixings different but the screws have rusted and are having to be drilled out - along with the odd chunk of fibreglass ":-("

I have Horizon's courtesy car (Honda Prelude - yay) but they think it might take a day or two before mines fixed. The worst bit is the price. The original bill was just under £500 (which is also the limit the AA will cover) but depending on the amount of time and damage done to the fibreglass it could be a good few hundred above that. I'm gutted.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006


With a bit of jiggery pokery the Elise is due to be trailered up to Horizon tomorrow. Big thanks to them for sorting it for me! Better than the AArseholes.

They'd better pay up now!

The AA are a bunch of useless c****!

Why isn't anything simple when it comes to the AA? I'm utterly pissed off with them at the moment. The claim from earlier this year (the starter motor replacement) is under investigation by the Financial Ombudsman and now they're starting to be awkward about the radiator!

They said that before they could authorise the work I would need to get the garage to confirm the fault (even though the patrolman has told them). I am somewhat disillusioned by their policies so didn't fancy driving to Birmingham only to be told that they're not paying so asked if I could get a local garage to diagnose the problem before going to Horizon to get it fixed. They didn't have too much of a problem with this so a local garage made an inspection and confirmed that the radiator had a hole in it. Great I thought, I'm booked into Horizon Wednesday so it should all be sorted this week. Not that easy - the AA say that Horizon is too far away (90 miles) to drive the car, as usual the complete opposite to what the patrol told me. They say the car needs to be fixed locally or trailered to Horizon. If I drive the car to Horizon (and they will check the mileage) then they won't pay up. Dicks. There are no Lotus specialists in the area apart from Stratstone who are now charging £97+VAT per hour. If it were a simple job then I wouldn't mind a local garge doing the work but changing the rad involves removing the front clamshell.

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Bugger...Radiator Dead


The temperature in the Elise has been a bit higher than normal the last few days, it got up to 100 yesterday on the way home from work along with a slight whiff of coolant in the cabin. A quick check under the front service compartment and a steady jet of water can be seen from the radiator. A call to the AA and a patrolman comes out and drops some "K Seal" into the coolant system. After about an hour (!!) the radiator leak finally stops and the AA guy is on his way. He's pretty sure the cost of a replacement radiator will be picked up by the Parts and Labour cover but I'll need to call them on Monday to be sure. I have checked the AA T&Cs and the coolant system is covered so I don't expect any problems.

Not yet had an official quote off Horizon but one of the other MLOC members had his replaced recently with an uprated aluminium radiator for just shy of £500. If this is accurate then that's pretty good, all it should cost me is the £25 excess. It's a pretty big job as the front clam has to be removed so I might get a few other niggles sorted at the same time...

- New nose badge (current one has a stone chip)
- New door pins (drivers door wont stay open on its own)

Should know what's happening Monday when I can speak to the AA and Horizon. Hopefully I can get it done before Christmas.

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Winter Jobs

Its fair to say that winter has arrived, its barely stopped raining all week and my arse gets wet every time I drive the Elise. Its better than it was last year but there's still a few things that I could do to make the Elise a bit more winter-friendly.

There's a good few ideas here that I'm gonna try.

My biggest problems are the condensation on the windscreen and the leaky A-pillars.

Stuff to do:

-Treat the soft top with some hood waterproofer
-Adjust windows
-Do some DIY repairs to the corner of the soft top - its fraying a little.
-Clean inside of windscreen and treat with fog-x or rain-x
-Get some "moisture mates" (little box of crystals that absorb moisture)

The hand-held heater thing has helped a little but the install is a bit messy - might see if i can tidy it up a bit. Another fluke upgrade though - the new seats have removable pads (the cusiony bits) that can easily be brought into the house and allowed to dry on a radiator ":-)"

Oh yeah - I've now had the Elise for just over a year!


Monday, 4 December 2006

Tyres Replaced

Finally managed to get some new rubber for the rears, the advans were a little slick to say the least! Got some Toyo Proxies (T1R) fitted at Westec Performance for £144.06 - a very good price!

I have noticed a massive increase in grip already - those advans were in an awful state.