Thursday, 9 November 2006

Just when things were looking up

Looks like I may have a problem with the Elise. The temperature over the last few days has averages a few degrees higher than normal despite the cold weather. The car normally sits at 87/88 petty much constantly, it got to 92 yesterday. Checked the coolant and it was down a bit so topped it up. Car is driving fine, no loss of power, not stuttering etc.

Noticed today a little bit of steam coming out from the engine bay. Initially thought it was just the header tank blowing off the excess from yesterdays topup but it appears the steam is coming from the right hand side of the engine bay. There is a patch of moisture on the undertray and and smell off coolant.

Trying not to think about head gasket failure at this point (a common problem with the K-series engine) so took a look at the Lotus service notes...


Could just be a leak where I have highlighted. Anyway, I'll take a look a little later this evening, once its had a chance to cool down.

Fingers crossed.

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