Thursday, 2 November 2006

iPod and winter essentials.

iPodding the Elise
Decided to hook my iPod up to the Elise recently and have been doing some research on how to get it all working with my JVC headunit. A quick flick through the manual and it seems I haven't got any AUX in points. The only input is via the CD-changer port, there is a converter cable to change this to to RCA (phono) sockets but it was £30 which is expensive for what it is. A bit more digging and I find the CD changer uses a J-link protocol and found a partial pinout...


That'll do nicely! My CD changer cable was already sliced and diced from the install so hacking it up a bit more was no great shame. A few minutes with a multimeter and I found the left and right audio channels (red and white) and their associated grounds. Plugged it all in but couldn't get any sound. A few minutes googling and I found that I needed to change a setting on the headunit. It works! I now need to tidy it up a bit and route the cable out of sight.

There are a few downsides, the headunit doesn't control the iPod and my CD changer cant be connected at the same time. No major problems, the iPod is the same size as my PDA so I can use the same holder on the dash and I wont be missing my CD changer with 30GBs worth of MP3 goodness.

Winter blues
It's now pretty obvious that winter has arrived, the worst time of year to own an Elise. I've decided getting hypothermia on the way to work is not the way forward so I'm selling the car....only joking. Nope, it's time to get something to warm things up a bit quicker....

12V Portable Ceramic Heater
þ Instant Auxiliary Heat
þ Foldable Handle Design for Window Defroster
þ 2m Power Cord with 15A Inline Fuse
þ Brushless Motor for Silent Operation
þ Detachable 360° Swivel Base
þ Fan and Heat Dual Control Switch
þ 12v Operation

Fingers crossed it will help with de-misting the screen and stop me having a cold, shivering death. An eBay special this one £9.48 delivered so it could be a bit of a bargain if it works.

Another little winter comfort to help the Elise's shitty wipers...


A few people on the Lotus forums have recommended it and it's only a fiver so its worth a go.

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