Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Bits and noise...again

Seems the rattle thats been noticeable since getting the exhaust fixed is getting worse. Sounds like its the bloody heatshield on the downpipe...again! Its been looked at by various garages about 3 times and it keeps coming back! Argh! Think I'll do it myself this time, if the weathers half decent this weekend then I'm gonna get her up on ramps and have a look at it. Im also planning to drill the window winder screw off to adjust the window angle. Ive bought some second hand alloy winders and an alloy tax disc holder off one off one of the chaps on SELOC since drilling will undoubtedly cause some damage.

I still need to route the cable for my iPod tidily, thinking about running it down the centre console...not sure yet. No doubt that this will be a royal pain in the ass but I'm sure it will be worth it. It should also give me a chance to fiddle with the driver's seat - its still not right.

Oh yeah, a big thumbs up for RainX, it works a treat!

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