Friday, 27 October 2006

Exhaust Sorted

A few hours spent at my local garage yesterday and the downpipe on the exhaust has been replaced. Luckily I had an old one laying around from the MG F which fitted the Elise with minor adjustments (the mounting bracket was in the wrong place). The old one was completely knackered, it fell apart whilst being removed - the flexi section had completely seperated from the one end!

I cannot believe the difference it makes, the car is much more quiet and it seems to have more high end torque than previously.

The big rattling noise has also gone but there's a small vibration on the heat shield at certain rpms, I might just find something to pad it out a bit as theres very little movement.

I also attended MPH06 yesterday in Birmingham, it wasn't as good as last year and I had a massive migraine coming home. Apart from than it was pretty good, worth the entry fee at least. Theres a handful of pictures in the pics section.

Just thought this was worth posting...

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