Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Site update

As you will have probably noticed, I have tidied up the site a bit in the last few days. The blogging software used for the 'Lotus' section has been updated, if anyone's interested I'm using Serendipity to run this section of the site - top software ":-)"

Anyway, car news...

Rolling Road
Didn't make it but I'm looking at doing one in the not too distant future just to see how much power the dodgy old K-series is chugging out.

Still going back and for between various departments and have now been told that their final decision is 'no - sod off' basically. They have sent me information on the financial ombudsman so I'm just gathering all the bits to make a complaint to them. Fingers crossed they will make the AA see sense!

New seats are pretty good but the drivers seat seems a bit 'wobbly' at times. I think a screw or something has come loose. I'll have a look when I get chance, its nothing major. The old ones are now near-enough sold pending payment so that's good news.

Still blowing and I'm still trying to source a second-hand replacement.

Bit of bad news...insurance is due before long (end of October) so it's time to start looking around for a good deal. I'm edging towards more specialist insurers this year, some include trackday cover for free - all depends on how much they quote me. More news on that a bit closer to the date - most companies wont quote more than 30 days before taking out the policy.

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