Thursday, 24 August 2006

Seats done

Picked the seats up last night and fitted them today. Took this opportunity to clean under the seats, I found...

£1.45 in change
1 fathers day card
1 Sunglasses case
about half a pound of muck


A bit of elbow grease and its much better. Replacing the seats was pretty straightforward once the old ones had been taken out.

No pics for now, the interior is filthy! New carpets are on the way (red) and Im gonna wash the seat covers since they're removable. Lotus have replied to my email about the sill protectors, its either £70 to get them re-trimmed or £110 for new ones. Seems a bit expensive for what they are so I might give my local upholsterer a ring and see how much he would charge.

New seats are waaaay more comfy!

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