Sunday, 20 August 2006

New seats!

Yay, found some second-hand Corbeau seats for the Elise! Should be picking them up later this week. Should also be able to re-coup some of the cost by selling the originals! Here's a quick pic...


Hopefully, if the weather improves, I'll fit them sometime this week. If anyone is in need of some original S1 leather seats please email me. They ideally require a re-furb, the leather is marked and ripped on the drivers shoulder area. Looking for £200 (excluding the mounts).

The new seats have also inspired a new interior, I've enquired about a new set of red sill protectors from Lotus and have found some red mats for sale.

The poor weather this week has also highlighted the dodgy roof, it has leaked quite badly on the drivers side. I'm gonna adjust the side window so it sits a bit more snugly against the rubber seal. The only problem is one of the bolts holding the window winder on is a bit 'iffy' and Ive got a feeling its gonna cause problems. It needs doing before the new seats are fitted, they're cloth so it will get a bit smelly if it gets wet.

It's gonna be another expensive month soon, my insurance is up in October (£1k+) and the rear tyres are also in need of replacing (£200) so I have decided to sell my boat since I haven't used it in the 12 months I've had it. Never mind, it's for a good cause!

I'm still sorting out a new downpipe and have sent yet another letter to the AA asking for half the cash for the new starter motor - hopefully I'll get some cash out of them. I'll be bloody annoyed if I don't, it seems the only reason they're not paying up is because I didn't call the claims people before getting the work done. Since this is in their T&Cs I'm pretty much over a barrel - hence the 50% request.

Almost forgot to mention that the Elise will hopefully be attending a rolling road session with the Saab Owners Club, a friend invited me along and it should be an interesting day. The car started off with 118bhp 10 years and 83k miles ago in its standard from, I'll be interesting to see what she's got now. The age will have dropped the number but the few mods done should have increased it. I think I'll be happy if its over 125bhp since its running without a CAT (not on public roads, Mr Officer, sir ";-)"), the Exige Janspeed Supersports exhaust and a chavvy K&N air filter. Anyways, the results will be posted online if I make it to the day (supposed to be on a stag do so might not be able to make it).

Phew, that's about it for now. I'll post some pics when I fit the new seats!

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