Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Blowing exhaust.

Well, the jubilee clip 'bodge' on my exhaust seems to have stopped working. The exhaust is blowing a little bit from the flexi section. Not a major problem but ideally requires a new downpipe fitted. Luckily enough one of the nice chaps on MLOC has one spare and has offered it for £25. I have already emailed Horizon to see how much they would charge but am a little bit tempted in doing it DIY stylee.

The rattle is also still present but Im not sure its the same heatshield as last time, it seems pretty secure to me. Again, no major problem, the noise only occurs when pulling off occasionally. Im sure the source of the noise will be found before something falls off ":-D"

Still enjoying the sunny weather, seriously in need of a shower cape. Damn fiddly roof!

Another todo is a new set of rear tyres, didnt realise how bad they are until getting her up on ramps to check the exhaust. Theyre still legal but not by much. That'll be another £200 but on the other hand I'm sure they could survive a driver training day. Hmmmm..

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