Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Another breakdown :(

Had another breakdown yesterday, this car is the most unreliable thing I have ever owned! Driving home from Cardiff and the temperature shot up to about 108 degress accompanied by a strong smell of coolant. I immediately pulled into the services and took a peak in the engine bay to be greeted by a steady hissing noise and steam pouring out of one of the coolant hoses. Bugger. Called the AA and luckily the head gasket (the achilles heel of the K series engine) was OK, I had pulled over in time. He bandaged a 2mm split in the hose and everything's OK again. She's still leaking coolant but its usable until it goes into the garage, I just have to keep topping it up.

Its booked into Horizon on Thursday and should cost around £100 which the AA have already agreed to pay under the parts and labour cover. I'm still arguing with them about the last claim - they're still being arsy about it. Lotus have missed more business from me - I called them since its a lot closer and the AA will be paying but they couldn't fit me in until the end of June!

I must be stupid, I still don't want to get rid of the car. A few other bits are being done when its up Horizon, the heatshield has decided to rattle again so thats being done. The AA guy also noticed theres a cam cover missing off the side of the engine. This isn't a major problem but I'm getting it done at the same time.

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