Friday, 5 May 2006

All done

A long afternoon spent at Horizon and the start motor and 2 new tyres have been fitted. Fortunately the AA picked up the bill for the starter ":-D"

Not sure whats wrong now - i need to give it a bit of gas when starting the car. This could just be the new starter motor bedding in. Certainly nothing serious. New tyres have made a surprising difference, Ive had Yoko Advans fitted to the front so they're the same all round. Feels a lot more 'solid' than the P Zeros I had before. Feels much better at high speeds.

The bad news is that they ordered the wrong bracket for the heatshield, the good new is that the rattle has gone anyway! Yay! Perhaps it was just caught on something, anyways sorted now. A new bracket is on order so I'll have one ready if the rattle ever comes back - cant see the weld holding forever.

Met a fellow MLOC'er up Horizon and had a good chat about Lotus and cars in general, looking forward to meeting some more Sunday. Yep - my tickets to Brands Hatch arrived yesterday so I'm setting off around lunch time tomorrow and will come back late Sunday night.

One of the downsides of the long drive to Horizon is the mess on the car. I had about a billion flys splattered all over the front. Spent a few hours today cleaning her up, inside and out. Looking much better now. Finally took some half decent pictures so check the 'Pics' section above.

Bugger - just realised the pics are a bit small - forgot to change the resolution on my phone. Anyway, tiny pics are now online.


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