Friday, 21 April 2006

Stratstone - you robbing bastards!

Called stratstone today to get it booked in for the starter motor. The AA are paying as long as its under £ problems you might think. Well, I did until...

Dear Sir,

The fitted price would be £605.84 inc VAT.

Is the starter motor definitely faulty? We would have to order this part in specially, if you would like to go ahead with this our order deadline would be the 26th.

Simon Poynter

Parts Advisor
Stratstone Aston Martin Cardiff

Jesus Christ...its a starter motor not a new fecking kidney!!

Decided against that, might be another trip to Horizon. Either that or a guy called Andy Stanford, he's been recommended by a few people on PistonHeads and is quite local. Im awaiting his details and might give him a call for a quote.

Good news is that the bracket for the heatshield arrived today, its provisionally booked into my friendly local garage although it might well get done wherever I get the start motor replaced.

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