Thursday, 20 April 2006

Flat battery...and beyond!

How glad am I that I got AA cover? Being the tool that I am, I left the lights on after popping out for lunch at work. My battery was flatter than a flat thing.

A quick call and the AA and they were at my office within 20 minutes! They charged and tested the battery - all ok.

One of the tests he done was to trip the fuel cutoff switch and crank the engine to test the load on the battery. When he did this it occasionally died - this has happened to me before and I assumed it was the battery on the way out. The AA guy says the starter motor is on its way out and said I should get it replaced..under their parts and labour cover.

Fecking sweet! It's paid for itself already! Gonna call Lotus Cardiff tomorrow and get her booked in.

Thank you Mr AA Man! ":-D"

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