Friday, 21 April 2006

Stratstone - you robbing bastards!

Called stratstone today to get it booked in for the starter motor. The AA are paying as long as its under £ problems you might think. Well, I did until...

Dear Sir,

The fitted price would be £605.84 inc VAT.

Is the starter motor definitely faulty? We would have to order this part in specially, if you would like to go ahead with this our order deadline would be the 26th.

Simon Poynter

Parts Advisor
Stratstone Aston Martin Cardiff

Jesus Christ...its a starter motor not a new fecking kidney!!

Decided against that, might be another trip to Horizon. Either that or a guy called Andy Stanford, he's been recommended by a few people on PistonHeads and is quite local. Im awaiting his details and might give him a call for a quote.

Good news is that the bracket for the heatshield arrived today, its provisionally booked into my friendly local garage although it might well get done wherever I get the start motor replaced.

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Flat battery...and beyond!

How glad am I that I got AA cover? Being the tool that I am, I left the lights on after popping out for lunch at work. My battery was flatter than a flat thing.

A quick call and the AA and they were at my office within 20 minutes! They charged and tested the battery - all ok.

One of the tests he done was to trip the fuel cutoff switch and crank the engine to test the load on the battery. When he did this it occasionally died - this has happened to me before and I assumed it was the battery on the way out. The AA guy says the starter motor is on its way out and said I should get it replaced..under their parts and labour cover.

Fecking sweet! It's paid for itself already! Gonna call Lotus Cardiff tomorrow and get her booked in.

Thank you Mr AA Man! ":-D"


Yay, just received an email off Wendy @ Horizon - the bracket for my heatshield is on the way. Hopefully its the right one...the noise is slowly driving me mad. £4.32 + VAT plus whatever it costs me to get it fitted, a job for George I think ":-)"

Will get it booked in early next week.

Tuesday, 18 April 2006


Well, it looks like I'll be paying Stratstone Lotus Cardiff a visit in the coming months. Horizon have emailed me and they charge £75.50 + £11 (fitting) + VAT per front tyre (total of £203.275) while Lotus Cardiff are charging £99 fitted (inc VAT), so £198 for 2. Although its only a fiver cheaper its a lot closer so would probably save me £20 in petrol.

Friday, 14 April 2006

Site news

As you may have noticed, now has a few Ads here and there. They're all related to the content of the page so you shouldn't see any porn ;P

I get a few pennies when these are clicked so if you're interested then please click away! There's also a new banner at the top promoting Firefox. If you're not using it then you should be, its faster, safer and my site looks loads better in it. Probably my dodgy html skillz ":-)"

Download it and give it a go.

Creaky Clutch Pedal - sorted

Had an email back off Wendy at Horizon and to fix my creaky clutch pedel it would cost £10 for parts but £80+VAT to fit it - pig of a job apparently. Decided against this and just gave it a liberal squirt of WD40, job done. If the pedal falls off at least the AA will pay for it ":-D"

Heatshield bracket due be arriving early next week, pretty sure my local garage will be able to fit that so I dont have to drive to Birmingham. Horizon also said that they get their tyres off a Lotus Dealer because they're made especially for the Elise. Might be easier for me to get mine done at Lotus Cardiff - will drop them an email to get some prices.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Half happy motoring

No major problems this week, I'm still waiting for the new bracket for the heatshield and my clutch has developed an annoying squeak (a common problem apparently). Its probably about time to change the front tyres aswell so I might pop up Horizon again to get everything done at once.

Finally had the weather to have a bit of open-top motoring, a bit chilly but pretty good nonetheless. I've also noticed the Elise is a bit more 'tail happy' since the new spring was installed - this could be me being a more too enthuiastic with the loud pedal though ":-D"

Fingers crossed it will be dry for the Brands Hatch weekend, hotel is now booked and I can't wait!

Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Brands Hatch!

My first chance to meet some of the guys on MLOC has arrived, I have been given a few tickets to the historic 'superprix' at Brands Hatch on 7th May. Tickets are for the Lotus-on-Track box so thats pretty good!

70s Road Sports
Historic Road Sports
Classic Sports Cars
Historic Racing Saloon Championship
Historic Formula Ford Championship
Classic Racing Car Championship
Classic Formula 3
Historic Formula Junior
Derek Bell Trophey - pre 1966 Grands Prix cars
Pre-1961 Grand Prix cars
Grand Pre-Masters - pre 1978
World Sports Cars Masters(pre 1974)

Expect to see some old Lotus F1 cars and sportscars racing.
The meeting will take place on the full GP circuit. The box overlooks the start finish straight and has a great view of Paddock Hill bend.

Planning to drive up the Saturday afternoon, go out for a few beers, stay overnight at a local B&B and go to the event on the Sunday.


Can't wait!

A stich in time...

With the car back on the road and running again I've decided to fork out for AA breakdown cover with parts and labour included. £103 gone but it should save me a few quid when the Lotus next breaks down. I wish i did this when I bought the would have paid for itself by now.

Monday, 3 April 2006

Suspension Sorted

After what seems like ages, the Elise is back on the road. Wasn't too expensive, £64.51 for the spring off Christopher Neil and £30 to get it fitted by a local mobile mechanic.

The heatshield bracket is still making a noise but a new one is on its way from Horizon.