Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Rattle gone and GPS sorted

Finally got rid of the rattle on the exhaust heat shield today. Took the car to GL Autos in Cwmbran (owned by my mate's Dad) and got it welded back in place. He showed me and the bracket that holds it on has broken and seems very corroded. Here's a nice little pic of her on the ramps...


I'm gonna drop Horizon an email to see how much a new bracket is...we're not sure if the weld will hold it forever. Another bargain fix, it only cost me a tenner! Thanks George!

More good news...I got a new mobile that runs Windows mobile 2003 and have aquired a copy of Tomtom. I bought a bluetooth GPS receiver so now the Elise has SATNAV ":-)"

Will post some pics soon, I'm figuring out a decent way to fit it all in tidy.

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