Wednesday, 29 March 2006

NOT the koni!

After a bit of confusion and a further chat with my mechanic it turns out that its the spring thats broke, not the Koni damper.

Trying to find out how much they are now...

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

New Koni time

A local mobile mechanic took a look at the Elise today, the rear pax damper is knackered. I'm looking for a replacement, I'm either gonna get a full set second hand (cheapish but limited lifespan) or buy a new one which would be slightly more expensive, more reliable but could cause the car to be unbalanced due to uneven wear. Then there's the issue of 'how much longer will the other rear one last?'. Not sure what I'm gonna do yet, will see how cheaply I can get things and weigh the pro's/con's.

I've contacted Lotus Cardiff and they want £94.52+VAT for a rear Koni.

Any comments/suggestion please do so with the 'comment' button ":-)"

Saturday, 25 March 2006

One step forward, 100 steps back.

Good news - the noise is just the backet on the heatshield. New one on order so should be a cheap fix. Horizon also couldn't find any problems with the clutch, it must just be me being paranoid or the new slave cylinder bedding in.

REALLY bad news - my suspension is fucked. Pulled off from the house this afternoon and noticed a loud banging while driving down the road. Pulled over and noticed that the pax rear tyre is almost touching the arch. There's also VERY little body movement over this wheel. Somethings REALLY wrong. Will see if I can arrange a garage to pick it up Monday.


Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Booked in

Just received a call of Mike @ Horizon, he can take a look at it tomorrow. Im on nights tonight so no sleep for me ":-("

Be glad just to get it sorted.

Garage time AGAIN!!!

This weeks noise seems to be getting louder and, more worryingly, there's something wrong with the clutch. Its difficult to explain, the pedal doesn't feel right, it seems less stiff than normal. Getting fucked off with this car now, I love it to bits but its costing a fortune in repairs. Will see if Horizon can fit me in this week. They put a new clutch master cylinder on last month so if thats playing up it sould be covered by them.


I can beleive that now

Monday, 20 March 2006

This weeks noise...

This weeks new noise...

Quite a high pitched whine that disappears when the clutch is dipped. Doesnt seem to change pitch with speed/revs and is coming from the rear of the car. Also isnt present at all speeds but about 85% of the time.

Think it might have started when I got the exhaust manifold heatshield welded back on but I cant think what it could be. Ive posted on MLOC so should have an idea what it is soon.

Damn thing!!!

Sunday, 19 March 2006


Well, the PDA holder bought from halfrauds was no good, the PDA wasnt quite big enough and the holder wouldn't go where i wanted it. Took it back for a refund but found an old mobile phone holder in the house that will do the job. Will fit it later today.

Also bought a second-hand dash insert to put over the top of the radio from a guy on SELOC for £10. Could be a handy anti-theft device should the Elise be parked in a dodgy area. Will have a go at fitting this today aswell, along with the phone holder and fablon.

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Winter Wonderland

Massive amounts of snow last night so I nearly soiled myself on the 7am drive home from work, none of the roads had been gritted so plenty of sideways action. A before and after pic of the car...



New windscreen wipers are a godsend.

Friday, 10 March 2006

Wipers and Fablon

Just fitted my JML wiper, loads better. It actually wipes water off the screen! Also decided to invest in some Fablon to re-do the rear wheel arch protectors, not sure if someone on MLOC has a template or if I'm gonna have to copy the old ones. Either way that should be sorted in the next few days.

Another purchase...a shiney new PDA holder from Halfrauds, not sure whether its gonna work yet because of the angle of the dash on the Elise.

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Rattle gone and GPS sorted

Finally got rid of the rattle on the exhaust heat shield today. Took the car to GL Autos in Cwmbran (owned by my mate's Dad) and got it welded back in place. He showed me and the bracket that holds it on has broken and seems very corroded. Here's a nice little pic of her on the ramps...


I'm gonna drop Horizon an email to see how much a new bracket is...we're not sure if the weld will hold it forever. Another bargain fix, it only cost me a tenner! Thanks George!

More good news...I got a new mobile that runs Windows mobile 2003 and have aquired a copy of Tomtom. I bought a bluetooth GPS receiver so now the Elise has SATNAV ":-)"

Will post some pics soon, I'm figuring out a decent way to fit it all in tidy.

Monday, 6 March 2006

Wipers, GPS and rattle

Got fed up of the shitty wipers on the Elise. Ordered a set of JML Wonder Wipes since everyone raves about them on the Lotus forums. Cheap and cheerful.

Also ordered a GPS thing today. I'm due a new phone (PDA) that can do route mapping/speed cam detection. Should arrive tomorrow ":-)"

Final bit...gonna get the Liz booked into the garage this week. The rattle on the heatshield is still there. Might even give it a wash this week if shes lucky.