Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Slight rattle and a wet bum.

First bit of heavy rain last night in a while so I got a wet arse this morning. The drivers area was soaked but the passenger side was bone dry! Weird. Thinking about getting a kit to try to stop the leaking, a few people on MLOC have mentioned them. Might be worth a go!

Another minor annoyance - the Elise has developed a slight rattle since the RAC stuck a new screen in. The front access panel (bonnet) is just touching the screen and rattles when the car's moving. A little foam would do the trick but I'm hoping to be able to adjust the panel, already posted on the MLOC forums to see if this is possible.

I'm also on the lookout for a JML windscreen wiper, the standard Elise S1 wipers are a bit crap and tend to smear the water across the screen instead of wiping it off. Quite a few people have said the JML ones are pretty good. They're only £5 but I cant seem to find anywhere that stocks them. I'm not paying another £4 to get them delivered from JML direct.

Determined not to spend any more cash on the car this month.

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