Sunday, 12 February 2006

Shes back

Got the Elise back yesterday, its like driving a new car. The work that Horizon's done has completely changed it. Here's whats been done...

Both front wheel bearings replaced
Both front brake pads replaced (Greenstuff)
New clutch master cylinder
New secondary handbrake cable
cam shaft seals
cam cover gasket
new headlamp bulb
new HT Leads
New water pump

Full C service with new cambelt
Full geo to realign all the wheels.

Bit of an expensive one - £1308.23

As always, excellent service from Horizon. Theyve also written me a nice letter to give to my local garage, when they fitted the whel bearing it seems that the 'new' one I had put on a few days before was incorrectly fitted. It was damaged and the wrong circlips were used - thats why the noise remained. I'll be paying my local garage a visit in the week and will get some cash out of them. Robbing bastards.

Even managed to get the roof off on the way home from Birmingham, it was bloody freezing but good fun


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