Tuesday, 21 February 2006

One rattle down, one to go...

Done a bit of DIY on the bonnet yesterday and I think I've managed to get rid of the rattling that occurs when the screen and front access panel touch. It's definatley better than it was but I've yet to test it at motorway speeds. A right pain to get it done...it took about an hour altering the 3 bolts to get everything lined up...but it was free ":-)"

Now the bad news...some fucktard has scraped the two wheel arches on the passenger side. Pretty sure it's been done outside my house. Not too bad luckily...its not that noticable and will probably go after a few sessions of t-cut'ing. I'm on the waiting list for a parking space but it's strictly 'dead man's boots' so I'll have to wait until someone moves out of my street. It's 2 wheels on the curb until then.

The Elise is also booked into another local garage that's run by a mate's dad for a quick bit of welding on the heatshield. It's not a major problem but its really annoying. Hopefully this will sort it on a more permanent basis than the last time.

Also paid my local garage a visit today to discuss the wheel bairing issue (see previous posts for details). They're saying that the damage done to it would not cause any problems. I showed them the letter from Horizon and they will be contacting them and getting back to me. Either way I'm £110 down at the moment, either my local garage (Polo Grounds Motors) made a hash of fitting the bearing or Horizon replaced it when it wasn't necessary. The saga continues...

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