Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Oh shit. This is gonna hurt!

Horizon just called with a bit of bad news, my car needs the following....

brake pads X2
wheel bearings X2
slave cylinder re-seal (oil leaking)
new handbrake cables
New cam cover (oil leaking)
cam sealant (oil leaking)
new water pump
new ht lead
new headlight bulb

Along with the expensive C service. The 2 front tyres are on their way out but will last a few months so decided to take the plunge and get a new MOT and a full geo done while its there.

I'm a bit pissed off that Ive had a new bearing fitted by a local garage and they say it still needs replacing. I'll get a letter or something off them and take it to my local garage.

Todays magic number - £1219.15. Now where did I put my credit card....

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