Tuesday, 21 February 2006

One rattle down, one to go...

Done a bit of DIY on the bonnet yesterday and I think I've managed to get rid of the rattling that occurs when the screen and front access panel touch. It's definatley better than it was but I've yet to test it at motorway speeds. A right pain to get it done...it took about an hour altering the 3 bolts to get everything lined up...but it was free ":-)"

Now the bad news...some fucktard has scraped the two wheel arches on the passenger side. Pretty sure it's been done outside my house. Not too bad luckily...its not that noticable and will probably go after a few sessions of t-cut'ing. I'm on the waiting list for a parking space but it's strictly 'dead man's boots' so I'll have to wait until someone moves out of my street. It's 2 wheels on the curb until then.

The Elise is also booked into another local garage that's run by a mate's dad for a quick bit of welding on the heatshield. It's not a major problem but its really annoying. Hopefully this will sort it on a more permanent basis than the last time.

Also paid my local garage a visit today to discuss the wheel bairing issue (see previous posts for details). They're saying that the damage done to it would not cause any problems. I showed them the letter from Horizon and they will be contacting them and getting back to me. Either way I'm £110 down at the moment, either my local garage (Polo Grounds Motors) made a hash of fitting the bearing or Horizon replaced it when it wasn't necessary. The saga continues...

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

2nd rattle of the day :(

Noticed ANOTHER rattle on the way to the supermarket at lunchtime. It sounds like the heatshield on the exhaust manifold has come loose again. I have to double-check this but it sounds similar to what it was like before. Another bodge by my local garage. I have dropped Horizon an email to see if theres a better way than welding it back on.

The good news is...someones replied on MLOC about my windscreen rattle. Apparently the front access panel is easily adjusted with a screwdriver. Yey! A fix that doesnt cost a fortune. Will have a fiddle tonight if its light enough.

Getting a bit pissed off now. This things costing a fortune ":-("

Slight rattle and a wet bum.

First bit of heavy rain last night in a while so I got a wet arse this morning. The drivers area was soaked but the passenger side was bone dry! Weird. Thinking about getting a kit to try to stop the leaking, a few people on MLOC have mentioned them. Might be worth a go!

Another minor annoyance - the Elise has developed a slight rattle since the RAC stuck a new screen in. The front access panel (bonnet) is just touching the screen and rattles when the car's moving. A little foam would do the trick but I'm hoping to be able to adjust the panel, already posted on the MLOC forums to see if this is possible.

I'm also on the lookout for a JML windscreen wiper, the standard Elise S1 wipers are a bit crap and tend to smear the water across the screen instead of wiping it off. Quite a few people have said the JML ones are pretty good. They're only £5 but I cant seem to find anywhere that stocks them. I'm not paying another £4 to get them delivered from JML direct.

Determined not to spend any more cash on the car this month.

Sunday, 12 February 2006

Shes back

Got the Elise back yesterday, its like driving a new car. The work that Horizon's done has completely changed it. Here's whats been done...

Both front wheel bearings replaced
Both front brake pads replaced (Greenstuff)
New clutch master cylinder
New secondary handbrake cable
cam shaft seals
cam cover gasket
new headlamp bulb
new HT Leads
New water pump

Full C service with new cambelt
Full geo to realign all the wheels.

Bit of an expensive one - £1308.23

As always, excellent service from Horizon. Theyve also written me a nice letter to give to my local garage, when they fitted the whel bearing it seems that the 'new' one I had put on a few days before was incorrectly fitted. It was damaged and the wrong circlips were used - thats why the noise remained. I'll be paying my local garage a visit in the week and will get some cash out of them. Robbing bastards.

Even managed to get the roof off on the way home from Birmingham, it was bloody freezing but good fun


Friday, 10 February 2006

Almost done

Spoke to Horizon today, my cars all fixed and has a new MOT. She's having a clean tomorrow morning and I'm picking her up tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait to get rid of the dodgy Metro and back in the Elise.

Fingers crossed the weather will be nice tomorrow and I can come back through the B roads of mid-wales to give it a bit of a caning ";-)"

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Oh shit. This is gonna hurt!

Horizon just called with a bit of bad news, my car needs the following....

brake pads X2
wheel bearings X2
slave cylinder re-seal (oil leaking)
new handbrake cables
New cam cover (oil leaking)
cam sealant (oil leaking)
new water pump
new ht lead
new headlight bulb

Along with the expensive C service. The 2 front tyres are on their way out but will last a few months so decided to take the plunge and get a new MOT and a full geo done while its there.

I'm a bit pissed off that Ive had a new bearing fitted by a local garage and they say it still needs replacing. I'll get a letter or something off them and take it to my local garage.

Todays magic number - £1219.15. Now where did I put my credit card....

Monday, 6 February 2006

She's gone, for now

Took the Elise up to Horizon today and had to drive home in their courtesy Metro, I miss the Lotus already. They're gonna call me tomorrow and let me know what needs to be done and when it will be ready. I will probably be getting her back on Wednesday, depending on what's cauing the rubbing noise on the front.

Friday, 3 February 2006

Not the bearings :(

Just got back from my local garage. I got them to change the wheel bearing and it still the same. £112 down the pan for nothing. Bollocks!

Will get horizon to take a look, just hope it makes it to Birmingham!

Bit fecked off now.

Wheel Bearing Gone?

Another new noise yesterday, it sounds like the wheel bearings gone on the front left wheel. I've already spoken to Horizon to book it in for a service, its due in Monday. I've spoken to them and it's gonna cost an extra £112 to get a new bearing fitted ":-("

Im speaking to a local garage to see if they can do it a bit cheaper and, more importantly, before I have to make a 100 mile journey to Horizon which is just outside Birmingham.

Another expensive month I think. The C service is £520, without the new wheel bearing ":-("