Thursday, 12 January 2006

Another rattle gone :)

Just come back from the garage, the heatshield rattle has been fixed. They had to weld it back in place. They also noticed the braiding around the flexi pipe was loose - a big jubilee clip has sorted that. Another £35 gone but at least I didnt pay Lotus prices - probably would have cost >£100.

The new key is also coming along nicely, I had major problems yesterday. I had 1 key for the Liz, I had a cobbler make a copy and tested it on the door - all worked. Chopped the old key up and realised it wasnt long enough to go all the way into the barrell when inside the new remote. Time for another copy I thought...until I tried the copied key in the ignition. It didnt work. Bugger. The original key couldnt be used either - i'd chopped too much off! Started to worry and took the copy back and forth to the cobbler about 3 times getting it trimmed. No difference. Luckily, before I resorted to changing the barrel, I took the old key to a 'proper' locksmith and had 2 copies made. Both worked, first time. Phew!

Moral of the story - get you keys cut at a proper locksmith and test them on both doors and the ignition.

I'm also short of a screw for the new remote. Ive spoken to Abacus and they will post me the missing bit, hopefully it'll turn up tomorrow.

Here's how its looking so far...


More news...
I finally got around to calling the insurance company about getting a new screen, it's booked into the RAC windscreen place in Newport next Wednesday. I just hope they dont make a hash of it!

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