Saturday, 21 January 2006

First Blat!

Finally had a nice day today - not a cloud in the sky. Took the Elise out for its first proper run. Drove from Pontypool, a quick stop at Llangorse Lake for lunch, over to Brecon, over to Hereford and back home. Wow! The Elise is like nothing Ive ever driven before, it loves country lanes. Was out around 5 hours all together and done nearly 150 miles. Roof down all the way and loving it. My back is killing at the moment but it was worth it. Forgot to take my digicam though ":-("

Just realised why I bought this car. I dont care that it leaks, or how noisy it is, or how expensive. Totally worth it!

Cant wait for another nice day. Seriously planning to drive to France next year now!

Friday, 20 January 2006

New Screen Fitted!

Just picked up the Elise from the RAC in Newport - the new screen is fitted and looks good. £50 insurance excess wasn't bad considering how much it cost the insurance company - £1250!!! I was shown the invoice for so that is an accurate figure. Ouch!

Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Windscreen Woes

Took the Elise down to the RAC Auto Windscreen place this morning and they didn't have the correct screen! They ordered an S1 screen but a screen for an S2 arrived (in an S1 box). Booked back in again first thing Friday. Bastards!

Saturday, 14 January 2006

Keyfob done

The replacement nut arrived today for the alarm remote. A bit of fine tuning with the file and its all working ";-)"


I can finally get rid of the loose fob and key combo!

Thursday, 12 January 2006

Another rattle gone :)

Just come back from the garage, the heatshield rattle has been fixed. They had to weld it back in place. They also noticed the braiding around the flexi pipe was loose - a big jubilee clip has sorted that. Another £35 gone but at least I didnt pay Lotus prices - probably would have cost >£100.

The new key is also coming along nicely, I had major problems yesterday. I had 1 key for the Liz, I had a cobbler make a copy and tested it on the door - all worked. Chopped the old key up and realised it wasnt long enough to go all the way into the barrell when inside the new remote. Time for another copy I thought...until I tried the copied key in the ignition. It didnt work. Bugger. The original key couldnt be used either - i'd chopped too much off! Started to worry and took the copy back and forth to the cobbler about 3 times getting it trimmed. No difference. Luckily, before I resorted to changing the barrel, I took the old key to a 'proper' locksmith and had 2 copies made. Both worked, first time. Phew!

Moral of the story - get you keys cut at a proper locksmith and test them on both doors and the ignition.

I'm also short of a screw for the new remote. Ive spoken to Abacus and they will post me the missing bit, hopefully it'll turn up tomorrow.

Here's how its looking so far...


More news...
I finally got around to calling the insurance company about getting a new screen, it's booked into the RAC windscreen place in Newport next Wednesday. I just hope they dont make a hash of it!

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

New remote arrives...

The replacement alarm remote arrived this morning and is now setup and working. Pretty easy to program the new fob...

1 Arm and disarm the alarm sixteen times or until the alarm stops responding, alarm now in program mode.....

2 Once in program mode press the button of the new remotes(s), press the button of the original remote(s). This must be done within 8 seconds of each action. If 8 seconds pass without any actions the alarm will automatically exit programming mode and you will have to start from step 1.

3 Wait 8 seconds to exit learning mode.

4 Test remotes.

The range is also loads better than the original remote. Will be getting a new key cut tomorrow to fit in the fob.

Heat shield starting to piss me off now..

Monday, 9 January 2006

Source of the Rattle...

Had a quick inspect of the engine bay tonight and it seems the source of the newest rattle is the heatshield on the exhaust manifold. Its either come partially off or is really lose and vibrates against various bits of metal when the engine's running. I dont think it would be too hard a job to fix if it weren't for the layout of the Elise - its a bastard to get at it!

I've posted on the MLOC forums so, fingers crossed, someone can give me some advice. If I cant do it myself then it'll be another little job for Horizon when it goes in for a service.

Can resort to turning up the stereo for now ";-)"

Sunday, 8 January 2006

Some pics

Finally managed to take a few pics of the Elise last week, click the 'Pics' button at the top of the page to take a look. There's only a few up there at the moment but I'll take some more when I get chance.

New rattle and new alarm fob.

Noticed a new rattle on the car today, a vibrating noise coming from behind me. Not sure if its coming from behind the seat or the engine bay. Dont think its anything serious, sounds like something rattling - could be the undertray or maybe a screw or something. Really bloody annoying, gonna take a look on Tue/Wed to see what it is.

More news - the rubber on the alarm fob broke over Christmas so at the moment I'm carrying it around seperate to the keys. Its my only one and will only be a matter of time before I lose it. Did some digging online and if I lose it then I need a whole new alarm system installed! You need a working remote to program a replacement. Managed to find an online store that sells replacement remotes, decided to go for the top-of-the-range key remote, where the key fits into the remote. Should save some keyring space. Here's a pic...


Only problem is - its £50! On thinking about it I thought it's a wise investment. I could have bought a replacement case for my existing remote for £10 but I'd be in the shit if I lost it and would have to fork out a few hundred quid for a new alarm system. After much Internet searching I couldn't find it any cheaper, I couldnt even find anyone else who sold them, not even on eBay. Props to Abacus car alarms for being really helpful and responding to emails within 10 minutes. I expect nothing less for £50 ";-)"

It's due to be posted tomorrow so I should get it before the end of the week, I'll post another entry with how much of a pain it's gonna be to get programmed.

Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Service time.

The Elise is due for a service shortly, it also needs a new water pump so its probably cheapest to get the cambelt done at the same time (a 'C' service). A quick email to the lovely folks at Horizon Motorsport and I'm told its gonna cost £520. I called the Lotus dealer in Cardiff (Stratstone) and they quoted >£1000 just for the service!!! Will be making the trip to Horizon in the next month or so.

Impractical, my arse!

Well everyone said, myself included, that the Elise was too impractical. Check this out...


I'm having new carpet fitted tomorrow and needed to take the old stuff down the tip. Cue the trusty Lotus ";-)"