Thursday, 29 December 2005


After a heavy snow falling yesterday I had to drive the Elise home from work but was suprised on how well it handled! Most of the route home was clear but very slushy. I was 'driving miss dasy' all the way but didnt have any problems. The only time I lost traction was when I was parking - it didnt want to go up the kerb and slid about a bit.

The snow turned to rain last night and the car hardly leaked at all! Not sure if the snow kept it out or if the roof is now where it should be. The only other ill effect was a squeaky belt when leaving for work this morning. She squeaks a little when starting when damp (only as the engine is started) but it continued for about 10 seconds this morning. Not a major problem but I might have woken one or two neighbours this morning ;D

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