Friday, 2 December 2005


Left the car home last night to go out on the beer. Got in her this morning and got soaked! There was a puddle on the drivers seat. Water on the wheel, the door, the sil. Everywhere. I'll have a look at the roof later. Might take it off and refit to see if that cures it. Todays major problem is...

The lotus is missing when accelerating, really badly. She's coughing and splittering like an old man. Oh dear! I think it must be related to the heavy rain we had last night...there were no problems with the engine in the dry(ish) weather over the last few days. Will see if I can get some WD40 on the plugs. Otherwise it'll probably mean a trip to a Lotus dealer at £85+VAT per hour ":-("

Also came accross the radiator steam problem. The rad is in the holes on the middle of the bonnet and theres a plastic tray surrounding it. After it rains, water collects on the plastic and runs onto the rad when you go around corners. The water gets turned into steam and mists up the OUTSIDE of the window. It doesnt look too good either.

Begining to think this was a bad idea.

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