Sunday, 11 December 2005

CD Changer Joys

Finally got a spare hour or so this afternoon and set about fixing the CD player/changer. It turned out that the earthing wire had become disconnected. A quick fiddle with the wire strippers and a touch of tape and she's all working ":-D"

Also had chance to take off the roof...what a mare! It took ages, it seems one of the side bars is a bit on the tight side and required a bit of gentle persuasion. Anyways, roof removed and put back on without too many skinned knuckles, hopefully I've put it on tidily and it should stop one or two of the leaks. Noticed a new rattle after re-fitting the roof though - the rear screen is a bit on the wobbley side. Not sure if I've lost some padding or something (dont think so) but theres too much movement in the screen. Will get some more spondge padding and sort it out, no biggie. Might also be worth looking in the book to see if I've done something wrong.

Getting a bit fed up with the amount of condensation in the interior - I've had to resort to using a towel. Not sure what I can do to stop this.

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