Tuesday, 29 November 2005


I've just traded in the MG F and bought myself a Lotus Elise, this blog will detail pretty much every expense associated with owning it, such as..

- repairs
- fuel
- upgrades
- insuranance

This is my only car and will be used for everything from my communte to work to shopping to (possibly) trackdays. It's not considered to be a practical motor, most people use them purely as a weekend 'toy' and have said that it's difficult to use them as an everyday car. Im hoping they're wrong.

First thoughts
I've had the car 3 days now and I've only had chance to use it driving to work and back (about 11 miles of dual carriageway/motorway).

Bad Bits
- Its pretty very basic.
- The seats arent particularly comfy.
- The engine/exhaust noise it VERY loud, this is great when hammering down the motorway but my neighbours havent taken much of a liking to it at 6:30 in the morning.
- It also drowns out the sound of the CD player unless you're at "Driving Miss Daisy" speeds.
- It's a real pain getting in and out of the car. If you're a bit tall/fat/old then you're in real trouble.
- No storage in the cabin, can't even put my CDs anywhere.
- The alarm fob/immobiliser dongle/2 keys combo is annoying.

Good Bits
- Performance is amazing. Superfast acceleration.
- Sounds like a spitfire in attack mode
- Looks good and turns heads wherever it goes
- Handles like its on rails (but I havent been silly yet because of poor weather)
- Its a Lotus

Repairs/expenses required soon
- New windscreen to get rid of the big crack on the passenger side (covered under insurance) DONE
- Possible new fuel pump as the current one whines a bit (not urgent) DONE
- Class 'B' service, it's a little overdue DONE A FULL C SERVICE
- Fix an annoying rattle on the exhaust (think i need an anti-tizz bracket)
- Change the stereo (putting in the one off the MG) along with a CD changer DONE
- Fix/replace the indicator stalk, it keeps turning on hte main beam DONE

I'll get some pics and a general page with the car specs soon.

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