Wednesday, 30 November 2005


Digging through the documents that came with the car I came accross the details for the car's tracker. I havent quite decided if I'm gonna pay to get the license renewed since the guy at my insurance company said it wouldnt reduce my premium. Flicking through the docs I notice that the company I work for (ntl) supply the network that the tracker company uses. I smell a discount ":-D"

A quick email to the people at tracker and Im told that they would waive the reactivation charge (£30) but the subscription would be the same - either £109 per year or £320ish for the life of the cars ownership with me. hmmm.

I also noticed on the docs that the insurance company Admiral do offer a discount. I'm with who are a child company of Admiral so would expect the same discount. Another email to tracker and theyre getting in touch with elephant/admiral to see if they can arrange something ":-)"

Just waiting for their reply. Fingers crossed!

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