Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Quick fix and CD changer

Indicator Stalk
Decided to fix the annoying problem with the indicator stalk, it kept turning the main beam on when I wanted to indicate (think it was just worn). A quick trip to the local scrap man and £10 gets me a new indicator stalk, fortunately the ones on the elise are the same as those on the vauxhall astra so they had plenty.

Fitting it was easy enough so I did mit myself. Just remove the screws holding the casing on the steering column (about 5 of them). Unclip the old stalk, clip in the new. Job done. £10 well spent.

CD Head unit and Changer
I wasnt fussed on the Kenwood CD head unit that the car came with despite it only being a few months old. Luckily I kept my JVC headunit and 12 disc CD changer form the MGF so decided to fit those.

Fitting it was a nightmare! I couldnt get the original headunit out and ended up going to a local car audio specialist so it cost me £10 to get the old one out. The new headunit would just slot in BUT, I needed to run the cable for the CD changer to behind the drivers seat. I never had any problems with this in other cars but the only exit from behind the dashboard was through a hole about the size of a 1p peice. The connector was too big for the hole. Bugger. I had to cut the wires and reconnect them once the wire had been pushed through. There were 12 wires so I took a little while! Running the cable wasnt easy either, I removed the gear knob, the both gaitors and the metal that divides the footwells.

Once all the cables were connected I tested the system before completing the installation. It worked! woohoo! After a lot of bruised knuckes and some choice four letter words the headunit still wasnt flush with the dash. I pushed a bit harder and I heard something clatter down behind the dash. The headunit no longer powered on. A quick check proved that the 15amp fuse had fallen out of the unit while I was trying to jam it into the dasboard.

Getting a new fuse tomorrow and will try again...

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